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I trusted A J Medical foundation and talked to the chairman for my father's care. She held my hand and said that today onwards he is my father too and that gave me confidence, that my father is safe under their supervision / care. Now I can focus on my work in US and always believe that he is safe hands. I was confused to keep my father away from home and worried about the kind of care and help he would get, I have seen many homes in and around Pune, and my search is over when I saw “Madhur-Bhav“ facility which is neat, clean, surrounded by nice trees, room has television, medical assistance all the time and most important is people at AJ are well-trained and caring.

Mrs. Smita Bhatt

After several attempts of trying, AJF was finally the place that I could put my old maternal uncle and expect that his needs would be met and that he would be able to live his last leg of life in peace, a support that may have been difficult for me to achieve without external help. A year and more has passed since you took charge of my uncle and rarely have I felt, that I or anyone else could have taken care of him better. the feeling of care and love your team exhibits, are reasons for the success of this new wing of Geriatric care that you started, besides looking after the operations of Athashree-Aastha that has its name on the Pune map, thanks to your having been able to make easy, the difficult task of running such an institute. I am sure that with the effort that you have put, we will see Geriatric care in India, moving to a platform that soon may compare with international standards. I wish you the very best in your endeavour in the years to come and do hope that I too will get the opportunity of participation in this care centre that you have started, some day soon.

Mr. Patil

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